Down go the Trojans

Mikaila Zvyak, Author

On Monday, Aug. 22nd, the freshman girls volleyball team defeated the Highland Trojans in two sets.

“We got frustrated [while playing], but we didn’t give up on each other or the game,” Maddie Chiabai (9) said.

The team started off strong, winning the first set 25-18. During the second set, the girls powered through and won 25-24.

“[The team] has a lot of work to do. They’re young, so they just have to communicate and learn how to better the ball and get it where it needs to be [in order to] put up a better block at the net,” Head Coach Lindsay Thompson said.

With hard work and practice, the team will continue to come out strong.

“We served and ran our plays better, but we can keep improving,” Chiabai said.