Hit or miss

Ayah Eid, Author

Although the freshmen volleyball team was set up for a win with home court advantage, they faced another defeat on Aug. 30, with a final score of 19-25 in the second set. The loss, however, did not seem to damper their spirits.

“I felt like we came out strong and worked well together. There were a few mistakes that got in our heads and affected our outcome,but I feel like we improve every time we step out onto the court together,” said Melany Stearns (9).

The girls, who have a track record of 2-3, are improving constantly.

“ We’re always hoping for a win, but as long as we are improving we can only get better,” Melany Sterns (9).

Their strong team bond and communication skills are big strengths for the team.

“ [ The skills needed to have a successful volleyball team ] communication, teamwork, and being relentless,” Coach Lindsay Thompson said.

The girls attribute their strong bond to the time they spend together and the amount of support they provide each other.

“We bond by including everybody. We have each other’s backs and try to be supportive  in all situations,” said Stearns.

Every team has a weakness, but the freshman volleyball team is working to improve theirs

“ As freshmen, we cling up against tougher hitters, and [we] need to learn how to read the ball better and improve our presence at the net,” said Stearns.

Stearns, who is considered to be a team leader, brings a lot positivity to the court.

“ She always has a lot of energy and a positive attitude,”  Julia Jacobson (9) said.

Sterns was honored to be regarded as a leader and is looking forward to the future.

“ I am really excited to be part of this freshman team and over the next few years I look forward to seeing what we can do,” Stearns said.