Q&A: Jeanette Gray, Math


Jeanette Gray, Math teacher, coach for football and basketball. She also plays football for Chicago Force. Photo by: Olivia Oster

Madalyn Kruszewski

Q:How do you think the football season is going to go?

A:I feel really well about this season because we have good chemistry and that is huge for a team. Skills wise, yes, we were a little rough in the beginning, but we practice and get better. There is also room to improve.

Q:When did you start playing football and why?

A:I started playing about eight years ago. My family loves football, and I grew around that. I was always around football too. At first I played on a flag football team, and one of the coaches for team I play for now offered me to play for them.

Q:How do you motivate yourself?

A:I have a little routine. My seventh grade basketball coach motivated me to be my best. I try to be a perfectionist.

Q:Are you worried about getting hurt at any time?

A:No, I’m not worried about getting hurt. One time I popped my finger out of place, and injuries can happen at any time. If you worry about getting hurt, the more likely it’s going to happen, and you’re not going to be focused as you should be. Also, you aren’t going to perform as well.

Q:What keeps you focused before and during a game?

A:I have another routine. If I don’t do this routine, I get too excited, and I need to stay calm.

Q:What position do you coach and why?

A:I coach wide receivers because that is what I play.

Q:Was there anyone who inspired you?

A:When I growing up, I was a huge Michael Jordan fan, always loved the guy. My family didn’t come from much, but we are here now doing what we are doing.

Q:Should girls be allowed to play football? Why?

A:Yes, girls should be allowed to play, if they are capable of it. Physically, it is a big difference, you are going to get hit. Girls should have an option[to play], and are some teams out there that are tackle football for girls.

Q:Would you change the position you play if you could?

A:I play a wide receiver and I would not change it because we make the big and most of the plays.

Q:Do you have any tips for Football players?

A:Football is a hard sport because it’s going to get hot and sweaty, and you are takling people. Everyone has to work together because everyone is important. If one person doesn’t do their job right, then the whole game is messed up. If we have a good quarterback, but not a good o-line, the team doesn’t work. Unlike basketball, there is one dominant player. We also have a special bond.