Go small or go home


Broad Street in Griffith, Indiana has been dominated by small businesses. Each entrepreneur gives a unique sense of culture to the community by offering their own special good or service.

Michael Clark, Author


Small businesses are not a rare sight in Northwest Indiana. They find their little niches in many of our local streets, and many of their unique names can find their way into people’s memories.  Shopping small can mean a more distinguished and more indefinite array of products.

“I have a juice bar. A smaller business can cater to a more creative menu with the same type of product because we’re given the freedom to be able to express our creativity. When you go to a larger-scale juice bar, it’s a very strict type of menu,” Angela Avorio, co-owner of Angel Hair Café, said.

Small businesses can offer services are aren’t normally observed. Mary Mackowika, owner of Stormy’s Treasures and neighbor to Angel Hair Café, owns a store that has an unparalleled purpose.

“What I do is to help recycle usable things to keep them out of the landfills and put them back into consumer’s houses at a fair price,” Mary Mackowika said.

There are indefinite reasons and benefits of shopping small.  The best part of shopping small, though, is the uncertainty of what can be discovered.