From the stage to the books


Laila Wenrich (10) spends her free time hanging out with friends in Crown Point. All of Wenrich’s other time is spent doing schoolwork and going to rehearsal.

Sabina Solarczyk

Focusing on an education seems hard enough already. Now think about going to lengthy rehearsals most of the week. Laila Wenrich (10) manages to keep up with her advanced placement classes and being in the production of “James and the Giant Peach.”

“Being in a theater production [management class] and taking multiple challenging classes is super hard but totally worth it,” Wenrich said.

Taking a single honors or advanced placement class may already be hard enough lots of students. Wenrich is taking AP US History, Advanced English 10, Chemistry Honors, Advanced Theater Arts and German 2. A few things Wenrich does to stay on time with schoolwork includes doing the work the night that it’s assigned, not cramming everything before a test, doing work during rehearsal and talking to the teachers about what’s happening in class.

“You really have to learn how to balance things. It can get hard. But if you love what you do, you will find time for both school and your hobbies,” Wenrich said.

Wenrich said that the easiest way to balance a school life, extracurriculars and social life is to have a well-organized schedule. Some important things to take note of are to find study groups, stay positive and join only as many extracurriculars as possible.

“Have fun with it, challenge yourself and expand your horizons. It won’t hurt you,” Wenrich said.