A hard fight from a worthy rival


Abigail Meseberg (11) keeps the ball away from Munster. Meseberg never lost energy through the course of the game, even though the constant physical toll of playing was daunting.

Michael Clark, Author

On Sept, 1, the varsity girls soccer team fought with Munster in an intense game but came up short, losing with a score of 0-1.  

“We came out with a loss, but I thought we still played our hearts out and played really well, better than at other games we might have won,” Stephanie Dijak (10) said.

As the game progressed, the movement of the players became more swift and confident. Clever plays tested the wit of both the Indians and the Mustangs and the game pushed the physical endurance and mental will of each player to the limit. The game was at a stalemate until the Mustangs scored a critical goal. The girls’ aggression kicked in, the fans were on the edge of the bleachers and the coaches were intensely engaged in the players until the game came to a thunderous end.

“When you go up against a team that has this much class, it’s easy. You get two choices. You can either decide to compete or you can decide to quit, and our girls really competed, so that’s a significant reaction to a really tough team,” Coach Shawn Thomas said.

Lake Central’s varsity girls soccer team plays Andrean on Tuesday, Sept. 6, and after such an intense battle, the future of the Indians is promising.

“Munster’s class of the region, ninth in the state and they really showed the character of the team and how strong they are,” Coach Thomas said.