Q&A: Andrew Walsh (10)


Andrew Walsh (10) plays for the varsity tennis team for the second year in a row. Walsh made the Varsity team as a freshman.

Jack Theil

Q: What has been the biggest achievement of your high school tennis career?

A: Making #1 varsity as a freshman for singles.

Q: What has been the toughest challenge for you, since making the team last year?

A: Keeping myself together mentally[has been my toughest challenge yet].

Q: Who has helped you most throughout your tennis career?

A: My parents and my coaches[helped me the most].

Q: How much has Coach[Ralph] Holden[psychology] made an impact on you?

A:[Mr.Holden] had a huge impact, and he expects a lot from me.

Q: How did making the varsity team as a freshman affect you?

A: [Making the varsity team was] a great opportunity to show my hard work.

Q: How much pressure do you feel being the top player?

A: A lot, so I just keep working.

Q: What has been your biggest achievement since making the team?

A: Bringing home wins for the team[has been my biggest achievement].

Q: How has making the tennis team helped you with your skills?

A: It gives me more experience against state players.

Q: Has making the varsity tennis team made you a better or worse player?

A:[Making the varsity team has made me]a better player because I now hold more experience.