Tough Loss on Girl’s Soccer Senior Night


Meghan Teumer (12) hugs teammate while walking out for Senior Night. Teumer’s teammates gave hugs to all the seniors when the walked out.

Taylor Lykowski


The varsity girls soccer team took a tough loss while playing the Chesterton Trojans on Sept. 13 with a final score of 4-0.

“I feel like I really have to step up as a freshman in order to keep showing myself [because] it’s a big opportunity for me. [I want] to be able to try and make varsity again next year,” Mackenzie Rainwater (9) said.

Making a Varsity team as a freshman isn’t an easy task, but Mackenzie Rainwater is handling it well.

“You have to learn to manage your time. You’ve got practice everyday and [play] games twice a week and sometimes you don’t have time for homework, so the main thing is having to work ahead and sometimes [you have] to sacrifice other things in order to be able to get everything done [on time],” Stephanie Dijak (10) said.

The amount of pressure to play a varsity sport can be tough on student athletes.  On occasion the students end up having to put in a lot of their spare time to practice and play games.

“Playing with varsity is intense and thrilling.  The game goes really fast and everyone is always yelling keeping the team in check,” Mia Collier (10) said.

The Lady Indians are headed to Valparaiso on Sept. 20 to take on the Vikings.