Nohos Goes National


Madelyn Nohos (12) is currently doing personal training for the National Guard. She wanted to show her support by wearing a National Guard shirt.

Faith Huenecke

The National Guard is not usually the first branch of the armed forces that interested people look into, but Madelyn Nohos (12) knew she wanted to go into the National Guard once she discovered it.

I did my own research. I have always wanted to go into the military, and I really need a way to pay for school. I searched through a lot of branches to find one, and I found [the National Guard]. I wanted to do this one because it seemed like a better fit than most,” Nohos said.

There are countless benefits to joining the National Guard.

“The Guard offers 100 percent tuition assistance, so  I can also go to college. The [other] branches don’t offer that,” Nohos said.

Joining the National Guard will benefit participants both physically and mentally.

“I hope to become a better leader and person through the Guard. My confidence has already improved, and I hope it will continue to improve. I want to serve people, and this is a very humbling way to do so,” Nohos said.

Some people looking to join the military have been influenced by friends and family who served before them.

“I really wanted to join because I have felt drawn to joining the armed forces my whole life. My grandpas were in the Army and [the] Navy, but one else [in my family] has been part of the National Guard,” Nohos said.