From the field to the classroom


Keeping up with classwork can be a struggle while participating in a sport. With help and training athletes have learned to balance their work.

Jovana Laporsek, Author

Grades are important to many students, and sports can have a huge impact on how students study. Since most sports have frequent practice after school, many athletes learn to manage keeping up with their school work and athletic commitments.

“I try to balance out which classes are more important than others, then I try and get [that class’s homework] done first,” Kasseidi Lessentine (10) said.

Procrastination is a hassle and is sometimes hard to avoid, but with determination and strong study habits, it can be overcome. Due to limited time to do homework, student athletes learn to curb procrastination by starting homework after practice, before practice or any other time that works for their busy schedule. Some athletes believe that the limited time they have can help them establish a solid schedule they can stick to.

“I don’t procrastinate and I try to finish [my homework] before [the school day] ends,” Christy Tham (9) said.

The best way for students to stay on track could be as simple as being steady with their school work, staying intact with their social life and putting aside time for organizing their lives.

“Balance your time, [and] make sure you make time management your number one priority,” Kailey Lessentine (10) said.