Worth the shot


Bianca Matchain (10) runs along the sideline. Matchain yelled to her teammates to tell them that

Mikaela Paniagua

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the JV girls soccer team faced off in a tough fight against the Chesterton Trojans. They took a devastating 2-1 loss.

“I think the team played very well together tonight, and it has been fun so far, especially because the chemistry between us is like a family. We are all really close, and we are playing as a united team,” Cevanah Brazzale (10) said.

Even though the team had their first loss of the season, they held their heads up, and looked at the positives.

“We started the first half with a nice, quick goal, and it was a fight for every ball. Being completely honest, it was one of the hardest games I’ve played all season, but overall, I am not ashamed of losing,” Mia Collier (10) said.

The team is also looking for things to improve on before the next game.

“I think the game went well. It may not have been the best game of our season, but it was definitely a great game to be a part of,” Sydney Potpora (10) said.

The girls have not backed down and are keeping their eye on the prize of winning sectionals, which will be held on Oct. 6 and 8.

“Typically, only a few JV players get pulled up to sectionals, but I think our varsity team will do well because they’re a great group, and they work so hard. I really believe they could make it to regionals without a problem this year,” Potpora said.