Getting into the homecoming spirit


Sofia Hay (12) and Darby McGratch (12) work on the banner for senior class cabinet. The banner was hung on a wall in Main Street

Amber Murray

Volunteers and club members gathered at LC to help give the school homecoming spirit on Sunday, Sept. 25. Clubs such as the Art Club, Best Buddies, N-Teens and all class cabinets decorated the halls with festive decorations and banners. Decorating gets the students and teachers excited for the game and homecoming dance.

“I think having the halls decorated and whole school getting involved really hypes everybody up, and even the football team notices. It makes a really fun atmosphere for everyone,” Darby McGrath (12) said.

Many decorations portray the theme of this years homecoming and the colors of Lake Central. The banners made by the volunteers will be walked out on the field during the homecoming game.

“The theme of homecoming is “Club Blue”, so everything is blue to show our school spirit. I feel like we’re really making the move to use as much blue as we can and show that we’re proud of the colors of our school. We’re representing Lake Central,” Paige Kotecki (11) said.

Many banners have a special meaning for the club it represents.

“[Best Buddies] club is all about being together and working as friends, so team Best Buddies shows we’re all one team working together,” Kristina Almeida (12) said.

For many of the teachers, homecoming has a special meaning to them that is different from students.

“[Homecoming] is the bringing together of the whole student body as one group. It puts [students and staff] in a place where we all have something in common. The game itself is a way for us to get some friendly competition with other schools from the area. It’s a way to celebrate us as a group,” Mrs. Yaeger, Art, said.

The homecoming game will take place on Sept. 30 and the dance on Oct. 1.