Socks for the homeless


A group of students from Younglife speak with a homeless man. They handed out socks to the homeless on Saturday, Sept. 24th.

Austin Sandoval, Author

Thirty students and alumni from Lake Central and other schools in the area  went to Chicago on Saturday, Sept. 24th, to give socks and food to the homeless with a group called Younglife. Andrew Fernandez (‘16) was one of 30 kids to with the group.

“We just decided to walk around and hand out socks to homeless people to show an act of kindness,” Fernandez said.

None of the kids expected money or community service hours except for the pleasure of helping a person in need.

“I decided to go to it with the intention of helping homeless people prepare for the winter time and fall in general,” Fernandez said.

Some of the homeless being Veterans and some even being pregnant can remind anyone that people sometimes take life for granted.

“The most inspiring moment from that trip was getting to know a little bit about the homeless people because there’s a lot more about their story then you think. Some of them are really great people but haven’t had it as well off as we have,” Fernandez said.

The 30 kids, along with six adult leaders, are apart of a group called Younglife. Michael Miller (‘16), has been part of younglife for about a year now.

“My favorite moment of the day was when we went to Chick-fil-A, and we met this guy who just loved to draw, and he was showing us his drawings,” Miller said.