School Board discusses changes


Rob James,Director of Business Services, gives a small presentation. He talked about budgets, project plans and a bus replacement plan.

Mackenzie Moore, Author

John DeVries, Head of the School Board, called the board to order on Monday, Sept. 19 in the LGI room.

“The School Board exists to be a policy making board, to oversee the superintendent and to help with the running of the school system,” DeVries said.

Each member of the board is assigned a different area of the school system. At the beginning of the meeting, they are each given a chance to give any important updates on their assigned area. The meeting follows a detailed agenda that covers a variety of topics such as parent feedback, budget discussions, requests and changes to the schools. Rob James, the Director of Business Services, requested to replace several busses for extracurricular activities. He also discussed the capital project plan and professional leave requests.

“I saw [the School Board] as a chance to serve the community,” DeVries said.

The board addressed several comments from the community. A quote was read from a parent that found the reading program fantastic. Another parent congratulated Watson Elementary School for being a great environment for their child. The Centralettes Boosters were also given time to ask for additions to their dance team.

The next meeting will be held on Oct. 3.