JV girls soccer defeats LaPorte


Cevanah Brazzale (10) advances toward the goal, hoping to score. Brazzale got the ball in her possession.

Jocelyn Vanek

The JV girls soccer team sliced the LaPorte Slicers on Saturday, Sept. 10, and added another victory to their undefeated season. The girls have won five games and have tied twice. Despite having six new freshmen on the team, the girls have had a successful season.

“We have a lot of young players. Some girls that tried out for the volleyball team and didn’t make it now have [a spot on] the soccer team,” Head Coach Shawn Thomas said.

In the first period, Kaitlyn Kennedy (10) played goalie and did not let one ball proceed her. Haley Brown (10) took over the goalie position in the second period, continuing to prevent any goals, which resulted in a final score of 5-0. Several of the goals were scored by Samantha Quinlan (9).

“For JV, I thought I did pretty good. There were a lot of good plays from my teammates and from my other forward,” Quinlan said.

The team can attribute their wins to the close bond they share off and on field.

“It took a while [to get] the team’s chemistry together, but it is getting better everyday,” Assistant Coach Jose Delgado said.