Tuning to triumph


Bailey Corbett (10) strums his guitar. Corbett has been writing and sharing his music for almost four years.

Ashley Robinson

Listening to music is a popular pastime among students. Writing music can even be an escape to some, like Bailey Corbett (10).

“I felt like music is a better way for me to express myself. Trying to communicate [got] hard sometimes. Through music I can really express how [I am] feeling,” Corbett said.

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with new song ideas, but Corbett gets inspiration from several artists.

“A lot of the 90’s grunge-bands have an influence on me, [especially] people like Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan,” Corbett said.

Writing, producing and performing music can be a long process. An even harder process is publicizing one’s music. Corbett finds social media platforms as a useful way to spread his music to a broader audience.

“[I] mainly use Soundcloud. I also talk about [my music] on my Twitter a lot,” Corbett said.

Jobs in the music industry can be difficult to obtain, because of the number of new artists surfacing and expanding their fan base. ‘Making it’ is a popular goal among students who enjoy writing and performing their own songs.

“I’m looking to pursue [a job] in the music profession. I have my album, [Fingerpainting] coming out soon. [Down the line], I’d like to talk to record labels and possibly try to expand [my music career],” Corbett said.

Corbett has been writing music for several years and has some words of wisdom for those who want to share their music.

“I say just go for it. It doesn’t matter if people like it or not. If it’s what you enjoy, then you should [pursue] it,” Corbett said.