Another goal, another season, another victory


Daniel Picioski (12) takes the ball from a gavit player. Picioski won the battle for the ball and passed the ball to another teammate.

Madison Sandoval

The varsity boys soccer team defeated Gavit in their first sectional game of the season on Wednesday, Oct. 5. The boys played showed good offense and pulled out a win with a final score of 9-0.

“We got more confidence out of this game. We just needed to get past the first game to face our real competitor, Highland. Saturday will be our big game,” Michael Bikos (11) said.

Throughout the game, the boys kept a lead on Gavit and played great offense.  

“It was an easy game. I have no questions for our offense. The other team’s defense was just bad,” Michael Bikos (11) said.

Going into the second half, the Indians were winning with a score of 6-0 and were preparing to continue to play a good game in the second half.  

“We went out there today, and we had a couple things we wanted to accomplish as far as structure and organization. I thought the kids did a nice job being able to achieve some of those. There were a few times I thought they lost focus, and I wanted to remind them what our expectations were and what we were trying to get out of today, but overall they did well,” Coach Jereme Rainwater, Vocational, said.  

The boys finished the game strong and scored three more goals in the second half. They are now preparing for their second game on Saturday, Oct. 8, against Highland.

“We’ve played a lot of good games throughout the season to prepare us for this tournament game. We’ve done an awful lot during training, which is probably a better read of what it’s going to take to get us to the next level. I’m impressed that those Gavit kids came out here and were working hard and trying as hard as our guys, so hats off to those guys. I’m awful impressed with them as human beings and kids,” Coach Jereme Rainwater said.