Lake Central’s defense not enough for the Merrillville Pirates


Nerville Rance (12) catches the ball in attempt to not be stopped by the cornerback. Lake Central lost to the Merrillville Pirates.

Jack Theil

On Saturday, Oct. 8, the JV football team faced the Merrillville Pirates at home, prevailing through the rough temperatures.

“I felt like our offensive line could have done a better job,” Mitch Johnston (10) said.

Full of motivation, the JV team was looking for a win when they came into the game Saturday.

During the first quarter, Lake Central’s offense was quiet as the Merrillville Pirates offense was making a statement early, with the scoring of the only touchdown.

Lake Central defense was also in a jam during the second quarter as Merrillville was driving down the field, scoring twice against Lake Central.

“As a team, we feel like we need to improve on working as a whole and doing our jobs correctly,” Chayse Sykes (10) said.

As the third quarter started, Lake Central was still trying to find their offense, but they couldn’t find it as the Pirates scored again.

The fourth quarter started, and the Indians were trying to make a miraculous comeback to beat the Merrillville Pirates, but their offense was nowhere to be found, and lost the game to the Merrillville Pirates.

“We need to work as a whole and improve on our craft, so we can be able to beat Valparaiso,” Sykes said.