Freshman volleyball’s final battle


Madeline Bailey (9), Kalli Blankenship (9) and Madeline Chiabai (9) celebrate after scoring a point. The score was very close throughout all sets.

Lauren Wisniewski

The freshman volleyball team faced the Valparaiso Vikings on Oct. 11 but fell short and lost two sets to one. The girls played a strong game and managed to keep the score close throughout the sets.

“It was one of our best games, or the best that we’ve played as a team. Everyone kept energy throughout the game. [Valparaiso] is one of the best teams in the conference,” Madeline Chiabai (9) said.

After losing the first set 24-26, the Lady Indians stepped up their game and won the second set 25-16. The hype and support from the spectators kept the team strong through the third set. After a back-and-forth set, the girls lost the final set 14-15.

“[The team’s] passing and our hitting [were strong during the game], [and] our talking and hitting has improved [throughout the season],” Emily Resnik (9) said.

This was the team’s final game of the season, and they do not compete in postseason. Looking back, the girls have improved on their skills both individually and as a team. The girls were able to form a bond that helped them push through the season.

“We’ve really improved on having confidence in ourselves because at the beginning of the season, we didn’t know what we were capable of, and at the end of the season, we were confident and improved all of our skills,” Madeline Bailey (9) said.