Chilly and Hilly Regionals


Lake Central’s team takes off as the starting gun is fired. Each runner had to find their pace and push past runners from the other teams.

Michael Clark

Lake Central’s varsity boy’s cross country team came in second at regionals on Oct. 15.

“It felt great to win because coming into the season, we were ranked really low, but we have been getting really close with Lowell, who’s a really high-ranked team in the state. We lost to them by six points, which is not a lot at all. We’re just happy that we’re moving on up,” Carter Goldman (10) said.

The air was brisk and humid after a recent mist, leaving perfect conditions for the runners. The trail that the teams had many elevation changes and was a mud bath for all who competed.

“The course was really muddy. It was not too cold, but the mud really affects how you run.  You’ve just gotta push through it, lift your knees up and just keep going. Don’t stop,” Ben Watta (10) said.  

Lake Central pushed through mud, sweat and cheers to finish strong. The Indians gave their all and earned their way into the semi-state championships with a second place team finish. Lake Central will be competing at semi-state on Oct.  22, 2016 and prepares for a few more intense meets.

“We’re getting excited. These are some bigger meets. We’re definitely training harder to get ready for them,” Andrew Ackerman (12) said.