Studying abroad


Ms. Tilka goes through the online application for Indiana University. Tilka is helped kids get a better understanding of the trip.

Madeline Mills, Author

On Thursday, Oct. 13, students gathered in C106 to discuss a possible trip out of the country.  Students in a foreign language class can fill out applications to travel to any Spanish or French speaking country. At the Indiana University Honors Program for Foreign Languages, IUHPFL, meeting, students came to learn about how they could experience a trip like this.

“I went to Spain to speak more Spanish and to learn more about the culture and literature,” Nyia Guy (12) said.

As Guy continued explaining about her trip, students in the room grew very anxious with more questions. The questions ranged from how the house family accommodated her to how great the food was.

“My house family was perfect. They understood me very well, and at the end of the trip, it was hard for me to leave,” Guy said.

To experience a trip like Guy’s, all students have to do is go online, sign up and see if they are eligible to go.

“It was a very hands on experience, which I enjoyed very much. I would do anything to go back,” Guy said.