Old Meets New


At the end of the tour, Mr. Clark told stories to the graduates. Mr. Clark graduated with them.

Julia Casner, Author

On Friday,Oct. 21, Lake Central’s Graduating class of 1966 had their 50th class reunion. The old high school used to be called Dyer Centraland was located at what now is Kahler Middle School.

“I taught at Lake Central for seven years and this is not Lake Central,” Mick Smith (‘66) said.

The class got to see the marching band practice outside, the choir in after school rehearsal, the girls varsity basketball and volleyball team practice too.

One of the classmates who attended wrote the Lake Central Fight song.

“I was in choir and I loved writing poetry are the time and they had a contest to write the school song my senior year. I was also caption of major mets and were state champions back then. We also were performed with the marching band.”Donna Austgen (‘66) said.

All of the graduates I talked to said that Lake Central looked and seemed like a college campus.

“The environment of the students is the same. Everyone is upbeat because of the learning facility you have.” Rev. Terry Loomis (‘66)said.

Towards the end of the tour, Mr. Clark (history)had a display in front of his room and was telling stories to the class he graduated with.

Lake Central has had many major changes over the years. The most different for the graduates is everything because everything was so much smaller and they never got to experiences such a nice school.