Do’s and don’ts of scholarships is one of the most common websites for scholorships. Students have used the websites in the past to apply for many financial aid opportunities.

Abby Hines, Author

What if 10 minutes meant 10,000 dollars? In a few clicks of a button, students can apply for simple scholarships with big returns. With college approaching for many seniors, student loans and debts come to mind almost automatically. While education is expensive, there are many ways financial aid opportunities can be found.

“Personally, college is something that I always knew I wanted to do, regardless of what I wanted to study. Being able to make that dream come true through scholarship money is an awesome opportunity. Everyone should take full advantage,” Emma DeGroot (12).

Websites like,, and all can be ulitized to apply for scholoships, ranging anywhere from being left handed to having a 4.0 GPA. Regardless of a student’s skill sets, there are a scholarship opportunity available for everyone.

“I think scholarships are one of the most important parts of attending college because they help you and your family for the future. The price of college and all the loans can easily catch up with all of us, so take the hour or two to sit down and apply for as many opportunities as you can. Free money is always a bonus,” Tabitha Pappas (12).

Do take the time to sit down and explore opportunities, even a few minutes can make the difference. Don’t write off free money; there are so many foundations and companies willing to support young students, so utilize it. While time is of value, every day waiting could be setting you back. Don’t wait until the last minute; many scholarships have strict deadlines that must be met in order to be considered.