Following Her Passion


Alyssa Arreola (10) has been a dancer for thirteen years and counting. Arreola managed to balance her academic life with her busy dance schedule.

Viraj Patel

Alyssa Arreola (10) is an experienced dancer who cherishes every moment that she can spend on the dance floor. Arreola specializes in ballet, jazz and turns and leaps.

“I [have] been dancing since I was two,”Alyssa Arreola (10) said .

Arreola practices three hours a week with her dance group, but still enjoys the sport.

“[Dance practice] is not three long, miserable hours, but a fun night of hard work and improvement. I look forward to it,” Alyssa Arreola (10) said.

Arreola and the rest of her dance team practice hard to place well in dance competitions.

“We usually have about six competitions, and we could be in an easier division or be against a great school. You never know,” Alyssa Arreola (10) said.

On top of her busy dance schedule, Arreola still manages to balance her academic life.

“On the days I have dance a lot, I just have to balance out my school work and be very organized. [Dance] teaches you to be organized [and] multitask,” Alyssa Arreola (10) said.

Arreola hopes to keep pursuing her passion of dance in the future.

“It so much fun to perform and feel the music in your bones and express the emotions inside words could not,” Alyssa Arreola (10) said.