Left is the new right


Mia DiNino (11) sets the ball up for one of her teammates. DiNino is one of setters for the varsity squad.

Faith Huenecke

Coaching for left-handed volleyball players is not that different than coaching for right-handed players, and varsity players Hope Huenecke (10), Mia DiNino (11) and Kelly Orze (12) are able to succeed in the game.

“Coaches still tell you to do it the same way, but it is a little different. There are a lot of things where they have to [pull you as side] and say this is what you do, and your’s is the exact opposite,” Huenecke said.

Certain schools may not have many left-handed players, so certain plays that are exclusive for the left-handed players is hard to pick up on.

“In volleyball, if you’re left-handed, it’s a lot different since it looks so weird. For other teams, to block me is a lot harder because [they are] not used to being on their left side,” Orze said.

Different positions in the game give left-handed players a big advantage.

“It gives a different way of [playing] the ball, and it gives an unexpected offense. With setters being left-handed, it’s easier for them to dump [the ball],” Huenecke said.