Q&A: Kage Leavitt (10)


Kage Leavitt(10) a sophomore at Lake Central. Kage has been dealing with diabetes since he was seven years old.

Jack Theil, Author

Q: When did you know you had diabetes?

A: When I started to lose a lot of weight and had to pee and eat a lot. I was diagnosed at the age of 7.

Q: How much has diabetes affected you.

A: Over the course of my diagnosis, I have had to adjust to some major changes in my life, such as healthier eating styles, weight lifting and plenty of healthful fluids.

Q: Does diabetes get in the way of your school work.

A: Sometimes during important tests I can get “overworked” and start to sweat and shake, and it will cause my glucose levels to go down.

Q: For someone with diabetes, is the life expectancy shorter than a non diabetic.

A: The life expectancy can be determined on their lifestyles.

Q: How does having diabetes alter your everyday routine?

A: It’s mainly just a habit now because I have been going through the same thing for the past nine years.

Q: Is there anyone else in your family with diabetes?

A: Both of my uncles were diagnosed with type one juvenile diabetes. This means that they were not born with it. My grandfather also had developed the disease a couple years back, but he has type two diabetes which is more easily controlled.