Coming out on top


The junior varsity cheerleading team poses with their first place state trophy and banner. The team was the first JV team from Lake Central to win state.

Madeline Mills

The junior varsity cheerleading team began their season by traveling to down to Pendleton Heights High School on Oct. 8. Following a performance that did not live up to their expectations, the girls were determined to go beyond what they had previously executed. The following weekend, the team traveled down to Bishop Dwenger High School and left with a first place trophy.

“I think not only me, but the other sophomores led our team to victory by working together and always keeping our eyes on the prize,” Jane Neidy (10) said.

During the middle of the competition season, two injuries struck the team. This gave the team a hard decision on what they should do to continue with the rest of their season.

“Practices were tough. Switching up stunt groups and moving around all the spots in the routine was tedious, but adversity only made us stronger,” Alyssa Beemsterboer (10) said.

On Oct. 22, at Westfield High School, the JV team walked into their state competition.

“The energy on the bus on the way down to state alone was so high. We walked into the competition with confidence. Of course, everyone had some nerves, but we talk to each other and we always have a team talk before we take the mat,” Beemsterboer said.

The team stepped onto the mat and performed a deduction-less routine.

“John Powers (coach) gave us the words of encouragement that everyone needed to hear. Once we stepped onto the mat, I felt like everything came together as one. Everyone knew the part they had to do, and they executed it really well,” Beemsterboer said.

The title was not automatically in the bag for them though. A JV cheerleading team from Lake Central has never won the state competition,so going into awards they did not have any extravagantly high expectations. Once they heard their name called last, they knew they had won state.

“Getting past injuries of our team members and losing girls was definitely hard, but because of that I think it not only made me, but all of the other girls, just want to prove ourselves even more and work harder than we ever have,” Neidy said.