Honoring all who serve


Mr. Harold Johnson, World War II Army veteran and paratrooper, watches the assembly with reverence. Johnson was specially called out and thanked for his service.

Lauren Wisniewski

Major assemblies are abnormal at Lake Central because of the mass amount of students, but honoring our veterans is an honor that is not always done. The History Club organized the second annual Veteran’s Day assembly, which took place on Nov. 16.

“This means a lot to me because not only am I a leader here at Lake Central High School, I’m a leader here with the school board. As a leader, it’s important for me to thank the veterans. For me, as a veteran, it’s nice to recognize and show the appreciation and the talents of what they fought for. We are thanking the veterans, and we’re teaching everyone to understand these people went out to terrible areas in this world because they love this country,” Mr. Sean Begley, Principal, said.

After months of planning, History Club members devoted their morning to setting up the gymnasium and cafeteria, guiding veterans to the complementary breakfast, providing school tours and ushering the veterans to their seats.

“We divided up all of History Club into committees, and each committee divided and conquered in every part. It was a lot of meetings and starting off with small things, and then [it was all] put together for today,” Eva Throckmartin (12) said.

The ceremony took place during PTE and consisted of speeches from history club officers and veterans, a ceremony dedicated to the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Remembrance Table, presentations of the flags by the Reserve Officers Training Corps and musical performances by the band and concert choir. Veterans were allowed to stand when their branch was being called to be recognized and applauded by the crowd.

“I was drafted [into the army], and when I went to an induction ceremony, they [asked] ‘[Does] anyone want to be a paratrooper?’ and I raised my hand. I had no thoughts. Everything that happened I forgot unless I wanted to bring it up. I don’t think of anyone, I don’t worry, I’ve never had a nerve,” Mr. Harold Johnson, World War II Army veteran and paratrooper, said.

The Veteran’s Day ceremony was not only a demonstration of the great pride of LC, but a testimony to the greatness of our nation’s veterans.