Q&A: Daniel Picioski (12)


Daniel Picioski (12) sprints down the field, with his opponent trailing behind. Picioski planned to keep his focus on school, not soccer, during college.

Kevin Holechko, Author

Q: When did you first start playing soccer?

A: I used to play in my grandpa’s backyard. He had this small soccer goal, and me and him would go out and play together. My parents would always work late at night, so we would spend the night at my grandpas house and wake up in the morning and play soccer. Watching my brother play also had a big influence.

Q: Was it your goal to make the high school soccer team?

A: Yeah, of course. I have always watched the high school soccer team. I would be on the sidelines sitting with them, so once I got to high school, [it] was something I always wanted.

Q: During the off-season, would you get a job or still work on soccer or even both?

A: Well, we would get a couple of weeks off, then go to the weight room, so I never got a job. I would just focus on soccer and how to get better.

Q: As a senior what will you do now?

A: I am more focused on college [and] getting applications in. will [have to] get a job, and I will just work out when want to or when I have to.

Q: How long have you known your teammates?

A: Some of them since four or five. I remember Michael Zubec (12) and I were the first kids on the team, the Indiana Tigers, which is a club team. I think we were six or seven, so I have known him my whole life.

Q: What’s your favorite soccer team?

A: Arsenal, I used to watch them when I was young on TV with my brother and my dad. I liked the way they played.

Q: Will you pursue soccer after high school?

A: I will probably play club soccer throughout college, but I won’t go for anything big. I have realized that school and college is more important so that will be my second option.

Q: If you could be trained by any professional soccer player who would it be?

A: I would say [Lionel] Messi as of right now just because I love the way he plays off the ball, and he has just changed the way soccer is played. It’s amazing to watch the way he plays.

Q: What was your most memorable moment on the soccer field?

A: It would be when we beat Chesterton at Regionals my junior year. We were ranked tenth in the state, and they were ranked first. Beating them was a big accomplishment. It will probably be one thing that I will always remember.

Q: What was your most memorable moment off the field?

A: My favorite moment would be the pasta parties. We would always get together, and we are all so competitive that we would push each other. I loved going to pasta parties.