A unique celebration


A wreath hangs on the door of the Mohammed house. The Mohammed Family celebrated the fall season as a whole rather than Thanksgiving Day.

Bianca Matchain

For many American families, Thanksgiving is a day to watch football games, the Macy’s Day Parade and dig into delicious dinners and desserts. While this may be true, plenty of families around the country do not celebrate in this way.

“We have been going to a party with friends, but we usually just chill and hangout with each other,” Ammaar said.

While this season is a time to be surrounded by friends and family the meals are never forgotten. As the big day rolls around, he thinks about his favorite holiday party foods.

“My favorite thing at the parties is the various chips and dips they usually have,” Ammaar said.

Not all typical American traditions are lost in the Mohammed family. Although they might not sit down at a big table and eat a turkey, they still enjoy the program that has been entertaining the country for almost 100 years with massive balloons and exciting performances.

“My family watches the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning,” Ammaar said.  

Along with millions of Americans, Thanksgiving weekend is not complete without heading to the local mall to catch the best deals of the year. Ammaar Mohammed (10) and his family do not celebrate Thanksgiving like the traditional American family but still find ways to celebrate and be with his family.

“We go black friday shopping each year. It is very fun,” Ammaar said.