Serving the community


Sergeant O’Bannon and Staff Sergeant Brock Vorhies wrap up their presentation and answer last minute questions students may have. The meeting ended with students filling out an information card.

Grace Cistaro, Author

On Friday, Nov. 18, two National Guard representatives came in and spoke to juniors and seniors interested in joining Indiana’s National Guard. When people join the National Guard, they are serving their country and community while earning money for college.

“National Guard provides people with a lot of different opportunities. It gives people a chance to serve their country and it provides them with the opportunity to do that while being a full time college student,” Staff Sergeant Brock Vorhies said.

National Guard provides the opportunity to gain thousands of dollars worth of scholarships, while also getting paid for just being in National Guard. When students receive this money, they will be financially stable, which is a step ahead from all the other college kids.

“When an employer looks at your resume and they see that you have a military experience, they are going to know certain things about you right off the bat,” Vorhies said.

If students join National Guard, they won’t be forced to move place to place and be transferred to foreign countries. They get to stay where they are at for the rest of your life if they want, or if they decide they want to move to a different state, they will be able to and nobody will hold them back from doing so.

“When joining National Guard you will be able to pursue a carrier of your choice as opposed to putting on a uniform full time,” Vorhies said.