Starting off the season on the wrong foot


Katie Rusiniak poses in front of the weight room. The team has been without a solid coach for four months.

Tori Wilkes, Author

With the resignation of Mr. Ron Fredrick, English, from the girls track team at the end of last year, the search for a new coach was underway. The time of year for track is nearing, but the team still has no coach.

“Mr. Fredrick announced that he was quitting at the sports banquet last year, and so we were all waiting for a coach, and we finally had a coach. We were told we had a meeting after school at 2:20 p.m. , so we all waited in the cafeteria, and Mr. Sandor came in and told us we had to leave ,and we were told that the coach quit,” Sara Ramos (12) said.

With the disappointment that they faced from no longer having a coach, the upperclassmen were forced to take the control that a coach would normally assume.

“I wasn’t expecting [help lead the team]. Seniors usually take that role, but there are no senior sprinters this year, and the seniors that do distance are doing cross country right now. It was really stressful at first, but now I’m kind of used to the stress. I just feel like I have a lot of responsibility ,and I can’t mess up,” Katelyn

Rusiniak (11) said.

Not having a coach will have effects on the preseason, and possibly their success once the actual season starts.

“[Not having a coach at the moment] will definitely impact the season. Now a lot of the girls aren’t as motivated, but us seniors and the people that want to do well this season are not going to let this impact our training,” Ramos said.

Despite the unfortunate start to the season, the girls still have high goals set for the season ahead of them.

“I hope that I can teach them that we can do it without a coach, and that we can be independent. But I’m hoping that we can eventually get a coach,” Rusiniak said.