Lake Central’s offense not enough for the Andrean 59ers


Rello Smith (12) steals the ball and drives to the basket and gets fouled. Lake Central could not hold onto the lead.

Jack Theil, Author

On Nov. 23 Lake Central varsity basketball traveled to Andrean High School for a non-conference rivalry game that ended in a close one.

“Talk on defense, communicate on offense, play better on defense [if we wanted to win the game],” Keon Sellers (11) said.

The first quarter began with the offense on both teams starting in a slump, as the quarter went on Lake Central found their offense first, then Andrean also found their offense and started heating up.

The second quarter began as Lake Central was holding on the lead. Andrean at the end of the quarter sparked a little comeback as the the Andrean 59ers cut the lead to only a seven point lead as the quarter ended 34-27 Lake Central.

“Honestly we could’ve played better, could’ve worked harder but at the end of the day unfortunately we lost the game,” Sellers.

Lake Central started the third quarter with a 7 point lead but with a lot of time left Andrean knew they can make a comeback. With a minute left in the third quarter Lake Central’s lead was cut to five as the score was 45-40 Lake Central.

“How we were playing the first three quarters was great but Andrean in the fourth quarter just outplayed us,” Said Coach Milausnic.

The fourth quarter started and Lake Central trying to hold on the lead but with eight minutes left the score was 49-45 Lake Central. As the quarter got underway, Lake Central’s defense was nowhere to be found as Andreans offense was just on fire.

“We need to put more emphasis on the court, things that looked good for us for the last three weeks kind of disappeared in the game, and we bailed out a lot in the game and that’s something we can’t do if we want to win games.” Said Coach Dave Milausnic.

With a minute left Rello Smith(12) hit a key shot to tie the game 62 all. At the end Andreans 27 points in the fourth quarter was too much for the Indians as they lose 72-66 to the Andrean 59ers.