Varsity volleyball defeated by Lowell


Nicole Milaszewski (12) jumps to spike the ball. Coach Tina Tinberg suggested that a better offense may have helped to turn the match around.

Charles DeVries

The varsity volleyball team faced the Lowell Red Devils on Saturday, Oct. 22. The girls fought hard, but were conquered 0-3.

All of the games were close, though the Devils came out on top.

“We came out on fire. Defensively, we showed a lot of heart, but we struggled with first ball contact, we needed to put more balls down, offensively” Coach Tina Tinberg said. Though they lost, she is proud of their team and their effort this season.

Though they were defeated, the girls were conscious of their mistakes.

“We could have improved on our offense more. We could have done better overall,” Morgan Calligan (12) said.

Though the girls’ season is now concluded, they do not regret being on the team.

“My favorite experience is being so close with everyone on the team, and getting along with each other really well. We have a great bond and connection with each other. Morgan Calligan (12) said. ”I want to thank the team for a great season, and for all the memories we’ve made together.”