Fall sports fanfare


Coach Joshua Wierzba addresses the Academic All-Stars on the boys tennis team. The banquet started at 7 p.m.

Ruth Chen

As the season of Friday night lights and fall sports came to a close, the fall athletes gathered for a banquet on Wednesday, Nov. 11, as a fanfare to their successful sports season.

“First, all the fall sports gathered in the theater, and we went over how our seasons went [and] all the achievements we made. After that, we broke into different rooms, depending on what sport you played, and the coach for that sport would give more detail about the players of the team,” Richard Larson (12) said.

Several players were awarded within their teams for their individual contributions.

“This year was my most decorated year when it comes to achievements. I was really proud of myself getting things like MVP, Academic All-State and Honorable Mention. I was surprised to get the awards and that my work throughout the season didn’t go unnoticed. I didn’t think that I would be getting such high awards. That was pretty awesome,” Larson said.

As a contrast from underclassmen, the banquet is a bittersweet ending for seniors.

“It was sad, but also exciting to know that I was finishing off my Lake Central sports career and that I’m going on to college and that new things would come,” Mhejhana Williams (12) said.

The senior banquet was an occasion to reflect on not just the past season, but an athlete’s past four years as a high school athlete.

“It was different going to the Sports Banquet as a senior. Knowing that this was my last year, and when the coach talked about the off-season it was weird knowing that it didn’t apply to me. Instead of looking forward to the next season, I am reflecting back on the four years,” Larson said.