Into the Spring Musical


Students wait in the auditorium. The auditioners waited for the judges to all join.

Morgyn McAllister, Author

On Tuesday, Nov. 22, auditions for the spring musical, ‘Into the Woods’, were held. Auditions were slightly different than in past years because cuts were made on the spot.

“It’s was very stressful, kind of like watching the ‘Hunger Games’ because of how people were just getting cut. It was extremely stressful,” Parker Danner (12) said.

Students auditioned with a song assigned to them. With the large number of students auditioning, girls and boys sang separately.

“There were so many girls there to audition. I’m happy they separated us for the singing portion so things went by more smoothly,” Cherylynn Gholson (10) said.

After the singing portion of the audition, students were brought back to the auditorium to see who would continue with the acting portion of the audition, which included both girls and boys.

“The last part of the audition, in my opinion, is one of the most important because it determines the  on-stage chemistry between the actors and actresses,” Zachary Hansen (12) said.

After auditions were over, everyone talked about what type of person that is required for each part. On November 26 the roles will be released on