Q&A: Ryane Kats (10)


Ryane Kats (10) doodles in her notebook. Kats has been drawing since middle school.

Mackenzie Moore

Q: When did you start drawing?

A: It was probably around sixth or seventh grade.

Q: What do you usually draw?

A: People of all sorts. Most of the time I make up people, but sometimes I draw characters.

Q: Why did you start drawing?

A: I didn’t really have any other hobbies, and I was really bored, so I figured I could just draw.

Q: What is your style like?

A: It’s mostly an anime style, but I try to incorporate a little bit a realism so it isn’t totally cartoony. I try to draw in a cartoonish style.

Q: What have you done to improve your drawing skill?

A: I practice a lot. Especially when I was just starting, that’s all I did in my freetime. I just drew constantly. Now I don’t really draw as much because I’ve gotten better. I feel the need to improve, but I don’t really hate my drawings as much as I used to.

Q: What do you use to draw?

A: Usually I just use traditional colored pencils, watercolors, normal pencils, pens and things like that. I don’t really draw digitally; I usually draw on paper

Q: Do you paint or just use pencil and pen?

A: I like to paint. I think painting is fun. I really want to get into acrylic painting, but I don’t have the materials yet. That’s what I’m planning to do, but I do both.

Q: Do you prefer drawing people or landscapes?

A: I prefer drawing people over landscapes, but I do enjoy drawing trees and pretty sunsets.

Q: Have you ever redrawn pieces?

A: I’ve done that a lot. I recently did a piece that I did when I first started, then redrew it a year ago, and then did it again. So, it was really cool to see how my style has changed.

Q: Have you ever sold artwork?

A: No, but I really should because I don’t have very much money. I want to.

Q: Are you going into an art career?

A: I might. I’m still thinking about it. I might do something that’s kind of art related. I really do want to get at least my minor in art of some sort.

Q: What do you have to say to aspiring artists?

A: I would say don’t get down on yourself for not being good. I think that anybody can do anything as long as they really put their mind to it and really enjoy it and they want to improve and they want to practice and they want to learn. So I think that if you’re an aspiring artist, then it’s really important to get inspiration from other people and practice as much as you can so you can get better.