Say hello to the new future


Blake Nagy (11) talked to a Local Plumber 210 member about his career. Nagy had an interest in plumbing, but continued to search other fields.

Kristen Mirabelli, Author

On November 29, Pathway to Excellence had a Career Expo, which allowed students to experience a variety of career paths and get ideas for future plans after high school.

“I felt like this career fair showed students some of the options out there that they would have otherwise never considered, and it allowed them to ask questions to professionals and get good information about careers,” Rachel Miotke (11) said.

PTE has allowed students to experience what life is like in the “real world.” Having an event, such as the Career Expo, helps give the students the opportunity to talk to someone with a similar career interest and receive advice about preparing after high school.

“This event helped us with not just preparing for the future but what we can do and what we want to do in our career. I didn’t know the job opportunities that were out there, but now I know more about what type of career I would like to do,” Melanie Mosher (11) said.

While many students are aware of what they would like to do for the future,  others are not. The Job Center let students experience different careers they may have not considered.  There were a variety of booths that differed from dental, cosmetology, electrical and graphic design. The booths gave information to students about the high demand in these particular fields.

“The program was important and beneficial for students. College is pushed so strongly today reflects who wants to go into a trade should go to a trade school where they can learn the skills they need without acquiring tons of debt. We need and will always need people like plumbers and electricians. These are not degrading jobs and many of them make decent money,” Miotke said.

As students get closer to the end of their high school career, many will try to find a career path that suits their interests.