Terrific transfer


Preston Petrie (12) catches up on some classes that had nontransferable credits from Andrean High School. Petrie was able to reconnect with some of his old classmates from middle school when he came back into the Lake Central school system.

Faith Huenecke

Students who transfer into Lake Central come here for classes that are not offered at their previous school. Preston Petrie (12) moved back into the school system for a wider course selection.

“I wanted to go into computer science after high school, but Andrean didn’t offer many CS courses. I transferred because I wanted to have some background before going into college,” Petrie said.

Although students may decide to make this transition, they often have a hard time finding new friends right away, but Petrie had an advantage when he transferred.

“Because I went to Grimmer for middle school, I came back to many of my older friends with whom I hadn’t talked in awhile, and they welcomed me back. In addition, it was quite easy to make friends with new people, much easier than when I started at Andrean,” Petrie said.

With class sizes as big as they are, some new students may not be quite used to how many peers are in a classroom, but he was used to that.

“The classes at Lake Central are generally larger, but more equal to one another. Due to the small number of teachers at Andrean; however, the number of people in each class varied quite a bit (from 8 in my smallest to 35 in my largest),” Petrie said.

One of the biggest changes for new students is the block scheduling that Lake Central offers.

“It was definitely a change going from a traditional schedule to block scheduling, but in the end I liked block scheduling much better,” Petrie said.