Holiday fever


Ornaments lay among a variety of other Christmas decorations waiting to be hung. Lights were also hung from the tree to prepare for the holiday season.

Anni Rajput

When the holidays come around, people start decorating and celebrating different festivities for Christmas. Some people start decorating toward the very beginning of November, while others start as late as a week before the holiday.

“This year [my family] started pulling our Christmas decorations out around the beginning of November. We put our Christmas trees and other decorations inside our house that week, but didn’t start on decorating the outside [of our house] until around Thanksgiving,” Kelani Benson (11) said.

On the other hand, others may think it is not a good idea to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

“I think it’s better to decorate after Thanksgiving because it is also a holiday, and we can’t just overlook it. We should enjoy the present day instead of planning ahead into the future,” Rheena Molina (11) said.

Decorating and preparing for Christmas early can be part of a family tradition that has been done for many years. These traditions lead to taking part in setting up a variety of different embellishments throughout a home.

“Decorating early has always been apart of family traditions. My dad is huge on Christmas and loves to decorate. We have four Christmas trees. One is on the porch, and there are three inside. We usually have garland and lights around the stair railings, Christmas cards on the walls, stockings near the tree and a Santa projection. Outside [of our home], we have lights everywhere and sometimes we put out inflatables and a wire reindeer,” Benson said.  

Even though others may take part in preparing and decorating for Christmas later on, not everyone adorns their homes in an extravagant way.

“We usually decorate after Thanksgiving, and we set up lights and trees. Also, December 1 is when we really start listening to Christmas music,” Molina said.