Tip your cap to early grads


Seniors with enough credit hours have the option to graduate high school at the end of first semester. Many students have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Nicole Milaszewski

Most students will receive their diploma as the cross the stage in May, but for some they will be receiving their diploma a semester early.

“I decided to graduate high school early and I need to work in order to pay for college,” Jacob Zak (12) said.

Most semester graduates hold the same feelings. They feel done with their high school career early and want to start using the time to save up for the next step.

“I just don’t really like high school. I figured I can work more hours to help pay for my college instead of sitting in classes where I don’t do anything,” Evan Leatherman (12) said.

While some may be using the free time to save up for college, others are using the time to get a head start on college.

“I just want to start college right away and get done faster. I’m starting at Indiana University Northwest  in January and going to go through the summer, so I’ll be a year ahead,” Caitlyn Magdziak (12) said.

A common disease found amongst seniors is “senioritis”; however for students that are only seniors for a semester find it hard to contract.

“I’ve been surprised by how little I’ve had senioritis. The first semester usually goes by pretty fast for me, so honestly it hasn’t set in that I’m graduating so soon,” Zak said.

There are lots of pros to graduating early, but perhaps the biggest one is a schedule change.

“I’m looking forward to not having to wake up at six every morning,” Magdziak said.

Just like a traditional graduate, there are some school routines that will be missed.  

“I’ll miss seeing my friends and girlfriend every morning the most. I’ll also miss my favorite teachers, such as Mr. Wierzal, Mrs. Hurley and Mr. Clark. Although I’m excited to leave LC, it’s beginning to feel more bittersweet than I initially expected,” Zak said.