The art of organizing


Shoppers walk around Main Street taking a look at the different booths. This years Craft Fair had about 200 vendors present.

Radosav Mihajlovic

This Saturday, Dec. 10, the Lake Central Tribe of Pride hosted its annual craft throughout the school. The craft fair brought together many vendors from around the community.

“[The craft fair] is when a whole bunch of vendors sell all sorts of things. From homemade donuts, to baskets to jewelry,” Maya McCants (11) said.

The members of the band were involved in bringing the craft fair life, along with parents and staff members.

“I help the vendors bring their stuff in, and I get their lunch and I see if they need anything throughout the day. When it is time to go, I bring their stuff back out to their cars,” Ciana White (12) said.

Students who were heavily involved in the craft fair dedicated their entire day to helping out.

“I have been here since 5:30 in the morning and vendors have been lining up at all the doors all morning. We have been hauling carts back and forth, setting up tables, so I think it took about three hours total to get all of the vendors inside,” Alyssa Panczuk (11) said.

The annuality of the craft fair called for advanced planning in order for it to room smoothly.

“We have been organizing [the craft fair] since last year. It has taken several months, and just the setting up part took two days to do, and we were here at 5:30 in the morning to do that,” McCants said.

Small businesses such as The Pampered Chef and Corky’s Dogg House were involved in the fair.

“Everybody comes and they can sell stuff. It brings the community together and everybody can go Christmas shopping and it helps the small business owners gain some ground,” McCants said.

One student viewed the fair as a way for people to purchase unique arts and crafts.

“The craft fair is essentially a festival where you can go and shop and buy arts and crafts. You can basically buy arts and crafts that people make from around the community,” David McGreal (10) said.

The students also viewed the fair as an opportunity to spread the cheer of the holidays.

“I am a volunteer. I am helping the vendors setup their booths. I am going to go around and bring them food if they need it, and just do whatever I can to help out. I am also going to be volunteering in the caroling today and we are going to be playing some music and going around to spread some holiday cheer,” McCants said.