A fighting family


Jillian Murray (10) reaches backwards after hearing the sound to start backstroke. Murray was placed first in three of her four events.

Jocelyn Vanek

The varsity girls swim team took on the LaPorte Slicers on Tuesday and came home with a win due to the girls’ motivation.

“The girls are always there to support each other and the positive energy is really what keeps everyone going throughout the season. I love the atmosphere, and being around the team definitely helps to lift my spirits even after a hard meet or a bad race, which motivates me to do the best I can do no matter what,” Maggie Depirro (9) said.

For having such a young team with only one senior swimmer, Sara Erwin (12), and one senior diver, Kallie Higgins (12), the team has had a great season so far. Higgins has broken her own record three times this season.

“We’ve been working so hard because we lost great seniors. Our new freshmen have really stepped up and helped fill in some gaps,” Mia Rinaldi (10) said.

Through the combination of hard work and motivation, the swim team is able to get a lot accomplished while still having fun and enjoying themselves and their sport.

“For Laporte not being too close of a meet for the girls, the energy in deck was really high. I could hear and see everyone cheering while I was swimming,” Jillian Murray (10) said.

Being on the swim team requires a great deal of commitment. The girls practice every day of the week after school and four times a week before school. Although it make seem like a hassle having practice so often, some of the swimmers enjoy it.

“My favorite part of swimming is the feeling I get when I hit the water and race as fast as I can. I constantly push myself to my limits and hitting the touchpad to see a best time is one of the best feelings,” Mia Rinaldi (10) said.