Cancellation Conundrum


Sofia Hay, Author

With the arrival of winter comes the flurries of twinkling snowflakes, fresh blankets of powdery, white snow and luminous holiday decorations. Oh, and under-plowed roads, below-freezing temperatures and, of course, the infamous tweets calling for school cancellation clogging students’ Twitter feeds.  

Students begin murmuring their hopes for a cancellation or a delay at the first sight of snow, but many do not realize the actual qualifications in order for these decisions to be made. In the most recent corporation newsletter released on Dec. 9, the administration revealed some of the most decisive factors when considering cancellation.

According to the newsletter, the district-wide road conditions play the most significant role in the decision to cancel school, although other factors are considered as well. The current forecast, conditions of sidewalks and conditions of school parking lots all factor into the decision.

A group composed of personnel from the transportation department, the assistant superintendent, the superintendent and, in some cases, others such as town managers and local police departments carefully deliberate the conditions in the morning before drawing any conclusions on the matter.

Student safety comes first when these decisions are made, but the administration also wants as few alterations to the schedule education-wise as possible. So students, warm up your cars early or get a head start on the trek to your bus stop because the careful consideration the administration puts into weather conditions makes cancellations few and far between.