Q&A: Safia Mohiuddin (10)


Safia Mohiuddin (10) practices the religion Islam. Even though she didn’t celebrate Christmas, she loves the holidays.

Viraj Patel

Q: What religion do you practice?

A: I believe in Islam.

Q: What kind of traditions do you do during the holidays?

A: We don’t really have any traditions. [Every year] my family does different things like travel or play games.

Q: Do you ever get offended by Christmas?

A: No, I [don’t] get offended. I really love this time of year, [even] though I don’t celebrate it.

Q: Are you against Christmas?

A: Definitely not. I respect Christmas and really love the time.

Q: Do you get presents on Christmas?

A: Yes, I get presents from friends. I also give presents.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about the holidays?

A: My favorite part of the holidays is probably the atmosphere and everybody being [in] a happy mood.

Q: In your religion, is there a holiday which is equivalent to Christmas?

A: No, there’s not really a holiday in my religion that is the same as Christmas.