Ten Tips to Slide into Winter With

Rachel Front, Author

  1. Take it slow! Accelerating and decelerating too quickly can cause you to slide.
  2. Keep your distance! When the road is wet and icy, you never know if you may slide or lose traction. Its is recommended by AAA.com to leave a minimum of eight seconds of space between you and the car infront of you.
  3. Pay attention! Just because you are driving safely does not mean that everyone else is. Pay attention to your surroundings. Make sure to check your mirrors and watch out for snow plows and other vehicles that may slide.
  4. Watch out for black ice! Black ice is hard to see since it blends in with the pavement. Make sure to watch the road while driving and make sure to not hit the breaks and take your foot off the accelerator if you happen to hit black ice.
  5. Stay at your own speed! Do not worry about going faster if you feel uncomfortable or like your car might slide.
  6. Slow down around corners or curving roads. Trying to turn a corner when going too fast will only cause you to slide into the other side of the road or maybe even into something.
  7. Do not hit the brakes! Hitting your brakes without slowing down first will only cause you to slide since you wheels will lose traction.
  8. Turn into the slide! If you feel like your wheels are turning left, then turn the steering wheel left to correct the slide.
  9. Be prepared! Keep blankets, water, non perishable food, a first aid kit, portable hand warmers, tissues, matches, candles, a scraper, cat litter and a portable charger in your car in the case that you do get stuck in the snow.
  10. Keep calm! Driving during the winter is possible as long as you stay safe, be a defencive driver and take it slow.


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