Finals can be an especially stressful time for students. However, if students go through the process correctly, the stress can be reduced.

Ruth Chen

Oh, the season of Christmas cheer begins, with the season of finals stress right around the corner. As the impending prospect of finals looms closer and closer, it is important to keep these tips in mind to ensure that you can enjoy the holidays with the least amount of stress.

  1. Study in groups. When studying in groups, make sure that the group will be focused. To ensure this, make sure that the people in the groups truly have a desire to get the best grade possible on the final. Be selective about who you choose to study with.
  2. Study in 20 minute chunks. This allows the information to consolidate in your brain. If you study all at once, your brain will be overflowing with information, and you will be unable to actually understand the information. When taking breaks, don’t go on social media. Instead, eat some snacks or take some time to color.
  3. Create a study schedule. Before you go to sleep each day, write a schedule of your daily goals. When you do this, you will use your time much more efficiently.