PC at LC


Students show school spirit with the Indian Mascot at a football game. Lake Central has had the Indian mascot for over 50 years.

Nicole Reitz

As one of the nation’s oldest mascots, the Indian is still controversial for many teams and schools. At Lake Central, some students find that the Indian mascot should be changed.

“I personally think that our mascot is very offensive and that it should be changed. This year I boycotted all of the sporting events because I think it is ridiculous that people still dress up as the Indian,” Emma Degroot (12) said.

Along with teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and the Cleveland Indians, Lake Central’s goal is to show respect for the Native American culture.

“I think the Indian mascot is super horrible and offensive. If we are going to respect it, people need to take it more seriously. A culture is not a mascot. Representing it as such is extremely dehumanizing for Native American people,” Nadja Kostadinovic (10) said.

It is commonly known among students in the fan section to do the ‘Indian call’ and sing the ‘fighting Indians’ song before and during football and basketball games.

“Being a cheerleader and doing the Indian call, I don’t think it is offensive. Doing the Indian call is our way of showing school spirit and it is a way to show respect to culture,” Morgan Grudzien (11) said.