Bulldog-Indian Faceoff


Allison Mularski (9) protects the ball from Crown Point opponent. Mularski switched off between defense and offense throughout the night, keeping the ball in the hands of the Indians as much as possible.

Abby Hines, Author

The freshman girls basketball team faced off against the Crown Point Bulldogs on Thursday, Jan. 12, at the Crown Point field house. The girls played two games with an A and B team and carried victories in both games, finishing with a final score of 33-16.

“[The energy on the court was] very good. The girls outplayed Crown Point and were very aggressive. Our defense and overall hussle was the best we’ve had all year,” Coach Scott Freckelton, Mathematics, said.

The Lady Indians A team started off strong and kept up the momentum throughout all four quarters of the game

“I think we played really good considering [Crown Point] is a really good team. We were high energy most of the time,” Krista Matakovic (9) said.

Expectations were high, as usual, according to coach Brian McNamara, Science and Westlake, leading into the start of the game.

“We expect to come in and win every game we play, and we played well too. They did a good job,” McNamara said.

Starters worked to lead the team and keep spirits up as the game progressed.

“[When the game starts to slow down] I always think start fast finish strong. As a team, I think we all think the same thing and want to finish strong. I think as a team we did good on defense overall,” Allison Mularski said.

Tension was high when a Crown Point player rolled her ankle and had to be escorted off the court to sit out the remainder of the game.

“I don’t see it as an advantage when someone gets hurt, but you have to keep in mind that it’s the competition, but I will always be respectful towards them,” Julia Nawrot (9) said.

The Indians continued to lead despite the setback from the other team and finished stronger than ever.

“We came, we were focused and we were all pumping each other up,” Nawrot said.

The next game for the freshman team will he held in Highland for the Duneland Athletic Conference tournament.