Walking in the Fieldhouse


The walker’s pace around the Fieldhouse. The walking event ended March 23.

Jack Theil, Author

When construction workers built the new school, the fieldhouse was kept for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was to give people a chance to exercise, for no charge, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“I found out about this event from my friend’s son who went to Lake Central,” Mary Kirn said.

Administration always thought about having a open walk in their gym, but there wasn’t enough room.

During the campaign to ask the community to support construction of a nearly ‘new’ high school, we received numerous questions from senior citizens regarding the ability to walk inside during the winter. After construction was completed, we began the activity, Dr.Veracco, Superintendent, said

Administration think that it’s a great opportunity to go because not many places have places where you can walk for free inside which benefits a lot of people because some people might not want to pay the money

We began the opportunity for community walking in early November and plan to end it at the end of March. The dates were set based on weather. We do not believe many people will want to walk indoors when it is nice enough to walk outdoors,” Dr.Veracco said.

Walking in the fieldhouse isn’t forever as it will end on March 23, and continue back next winter.